Van Brunt & Company

Dutch Bros comes to Terrell Texas. Right across the street from the popular home of the beaver nuggets, Buc-ee’s gas station, you will find the newest Dutch Bros coffee shop. This two lane drive-thru coffee on the go is the biggest coffee craze in the south. Dutch Bros goes beyond good coffee and tasty drinks, their customer service packs a kindness punch all of Texas is going happy about. As a local Commercial Restaurant Contractor here in the Rockwall, Texas area, we were excited to bring another booming restaurant to our community. Terrell began as a ‘Depot Town’ on a rail line going from Longview Texas to California.  As the Terrell construction continues to grow, you can notice the town still living up to its beginning as a ‘depot town’. This Dutch Bros coffee site location did not come without its unique development elements as we collaborated with a developing neighbor, a completed Chick-Fil-A, and TxDot to work through drainage issues. Our Van Brunt & Company construction team leveraged our core values. Through problem solving and communication our commercial construction team brought a finished restaurant product to life that will service the Terrell and surrounding cities for years to come.  

Who built the Dutch Bros Terrell? Van Brunt & Company – Commercial Restaurant Contractor.

Challenge / Problems

  • The site was the lowest of all neighboring sites
  • At the time the city inspectors were turning over with new inspectors taking over at final inspections
  • We had a TXDOT drainage ditch that was graded incorrectly and holding wate


  • We worked diligently around the weather to pour the slab and a large section of site paving before framing to minimize weather delays
  • We over communicated and built rapport with the new inspector quickly
  • We worked with TXDOT and neighbor to get drainage working as much as possible