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About Van Brunt & Company

Our family and our team has proudly built restaurants from the ground up for the last 20 years. At Van Brunt & Company we believe in building beyond the contracted scope of work. What this means to us is that we are more than a trusted contractor; we are a trusted partnership you can depend on with each new project location


We believe in the relationship we build with our clients and our Subcontractors. We treat them with respect, kindness, and as a part of our Van Brunt & Company culture. This means they have the opportunity to experience our values and culture each time they work with us.

Removing Chaos

Chaos in the construction industry can lead to lack of safety on our job sites, miscommunication, double working, and a feeling of not being seen or appreciated. Our teams continue to work on processes that equip each of our roles to have simplicity and clarity, allowing us to focus on our strengths and not unnecessary chaos.

Finding Opportunities in Problems

We are problem solvers. Since Covid, our industry has drastically changed. With supply chain issues, truck and delivery delays, workforce shortages, and faster demands with slower delivery times, we have to rise to unforeseen challenges. We leverage our relationships between our clients and subcontractors to get creative and provide solutions to problems. We find ways to say yes, stay on budget, and keep to the clients expectations.


We believe in the communities we work in, and the communities around the world which depend on the things we are building. Some people may see a restaurant as a finished product, we see new job opportunities, fundraisers for local needs, new water wells and supported nutrition programs in 3rd world countries, and more. We believe our work impacts communities around the world.

Family Feel

You are not a number here at Van Brunt & Company. We care about the hearts and the mental health of our employees. Our open door policy- with direct access to all leaders in this business is a value everyone has access to, regardless of their position.

Faith Based Vision

We’re a faith based company with a focus on the characteristics of Him and not us. The strength of this company sits on the foundation of our faith. As leaders, we make decisions we feel best serve our team and your family’s future.

Training & Education

Keeping up with a changing world and changing technology can be challenging. Our team provides onsite training, continued technology training in our platforms, and personal development every step of the way.


We leverage technology to strengthen communication, streamline processes, and properly track direction and changes real time.

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