Van Brunt & Company


At Van Brunt and Company, we understand that the foundation of any successful project lies in its inception – the groundbreaking moment that sets the tone for the entire construction journey. With a proven track record in ground-up construction, we take pride in bringing your visions to life with precision, quality, and expertise.


At Van Brunt and Company, we specialize in customizing and renovating commercial spaces to suit the unique needs and requirements of commercial tenants. Whether you run a bakery, franchise, coffee shop, jewelry store, T-Mobile outlet, fast-casual restaurant, dentist office, or any other business, we have the expertise to bring your vision to life. Your space, your dream – let’s turn it into a vibrant hub that reflects your brand and business aspirations. As a tenant, you now have the opportunity to make your incredible new space truly your own!


Commercial Construction Retrofit:

  • Definition: Commercial construction retrofit involves making modifications to an existing building to enhance its performance, energy efficiency, safety, or sustainability.
  • Objective: The main aim of retrofitting is to upgrade the building’s systems and components to meet current standards, regulations, or environmental goals.


Updating the current space to expand seating, add Door dash sections, modernize decor, replace worn and outdated fixtures and furnishings.

Commercial construction remodeling and commercial construction retrofit are both types of renovation projects aimed at improving existing commercial properties, but they involve different approaches and objectives:

Land Development

Welcome to Van Brunt and Company where we specialize in turning raw land into a canvas of possibilities for developers. Our dedicated team is committed to providing top-notch commercial lot clearing and preparation services, paving the way for successful development projects that stand out in the marketplace.

Process & Duplication

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