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Commercial Construction Retrofit:
  • Definition: Commercial construction retrofit involves making modifications to an existing building to enhance its performance, energy efficiency, safety, or sustainability.
  • Objective: The main aim of retrofitting is to upgrade the building’s systems and components to meet current standards, regulations, or environmental goals.
  • Scope: Retrofitting projects may include installing energy-efficient lighting, upgrading insulation, replacing windows and doors, adding renewable energy systems (such as solar panels), implementing seismic or fire safety improvements, or enhancing accessibility for people with disabilities.
  • Examples: Upgrading a building’s lighting fixtures to LED technology, installing a cool roof to reduce heat absorption, or retrofitting an older building with seismic bracing to improve structural stability.
What Makes Us Different
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  • Accurate, competitive, and honest project prices.
  • No undercutting or misrepresentation of costs.
  • Committed to staying on budget.
  • Expertise in sourcing rare materials.
  • Unique strength: strong relationships with loyal Subcontractors.

Problem Solvers

  • Experience with the changing industry.
  • Solution driven team.
  • Over 20 years of experience.
  • 300+ restaurants in our portfolio.


  • Core Value is leveraging technology.
  • Unified office and field communication.
  • Camera access.
  • Daily reports.
  • Travel less and check in more.

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