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Updating the current space to expand seating, add Door dash sections, modernize decor, replace worn and outdated fixtures and furnishings.

Commercial construction remodeling and commercial construction retrofit are both types of renovation projects aimed at improving existing commercial properties, but they involve different approaches and objectives:

Commercial Construction Remodeling:
  • Definition: Commercial construction remodeling involves making significant changes to the layout, structure, or design of an existing commercial space.
  • Objective: The primary goal of remodeling is to update or upgrade the interior or exterior of the building to better meet the current needs and preferences of the owner or occupants.
  • Scope: Remodeling projects may include alterations to floor plans, installation of new fixtures and finishes, updating of interior or exterior aesthetics, and modernization of building systems such as HVAC, electrical, and plumbing.
  • Examples: Converting an old retail space into a modern office, renovating a restaurant to create a more open layout, or updating the façade of a building to improve curb appeal.
Commercial Construction Retrofit:
  • Definition: Commercial construction retrofit involves making modifications to an existing building to enhance its performance, energy efficiency, safety, or sustainability.
  • Objective: The main aim of retrofitting is to upgrade the building’s systems and components to meet current standards, regulations, or environmental goals.
  • Scope: Retrofitting projects may include installing energy-efficient lighting, upgrading insulation, replacing windows and doors, adding renewable energy systems (such as solar panels), implementing seismic or fire safety improvements, or enhancing accessibility for people with disabilities.
  • Examples: Upgrading a building’s lighting fixtures to LED technology, installing a cool roof to reduce heat absorption, or retrofitting an older building with seismic bracing to improve structural stability.

In summary, while commercial construction remodeling focuses on aesthetic and functional enhancements to an existing space, commercial construction retrofitting prioritizes upgrades to improve performance, efficiency, safety, and sustainability of the building.

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