Van Brunt & Company

Dutch Bros Coffee is a fast growing concept here in the Texas and southern areas. The buildings are designed for smaller footprints with a larger focus on customer experience and service. At Dutch Bros Coffee you are greeted with a smiling face to start your day or bounce your afternoon back on track. Their kindness and hospitality expand from coffees, teas, and never forgetting your adorable pups. This project size averages about 962 square feet, with an asphalt site. Van Brunt & Company was contracted by a well known restaurant developer providing completed restaurants to their investors. 

Who built Dutch Bros Amarillo? Van Brunt & Company – Commercial Restaurant Contractor.

Challenge / Problems

  • Amarillo Texas is in the panhandle of our beautiful state. This construction project took place during the last quarter of the year bringing higher than average winds, thick heavy snow, and sub-zero temperatures.
  • Between the holiday’s welcomed at the end of the year and city wide closures due to weather, scheduling conflict became one of our largest challenges for this project. Our crews were dealing with freezing materials, winds too high to use equipment, and freezing temps unsafe for Osha standards of safety.
  • The next largest issue for this site was that the closest point of power was over 600 feet away, behind a neighboring retail center. The challenges brought on by this delayed power added to the elements of the temperature for safe working conditions.


  • Any commercial construction project with delays causes frustrations for literally everyone involved. Managing the expectations due to unforeseen weather conditions and city wide closures that were out of our control, became our best asset.
  • Our team worked closely with vendors who could bring rentalable heating equipment for those extreme weather conditions. The priority was to keep Subcontractors warm, materials from becoming frozen, and make the jobsite a safe environment to continue working.
  • We worked with the power company to ensure our secondary conduits were installed at the same time as their primary conduits and pour the transformer pad quickly.
  • This location is now serving its community and an established restaurant developer daily.