Van Brunt & Company

As the restaurant world continues to adapt to the demands of online food ordering and food delivery like UberEats, Grubhub, and DoorDash, restaurant dreams and chefs have the opportunity to emerge on their own. Around the country Ghost Kitchens and Shared Kitchens allow for chefs with a passion for sharing their food to live their dreams. As a customer ordering online, you often don’t even know the difference and thus making the Dallas restaurant scene an explosive and delicious home for foodies. For a chef in Dallas Texas, you can find a large building with multiple kitchens under one roof with the option of part-time or full-time kitchen rentals. These commercial kitchens make entrepreneurship affordable and accessible in the restaurant industry. As a 20-year restaurant commercial general contractor, Van Brunt & Company is thrilled for the opportunity to remodel an unused building and transform into a Chef’s dream. This restaurant build out required a complete interior construction demolition of an old AT&T building. The walls and ceiling were made of THICK concrete making the construction process more involved during HVAC, kitchen hood, and new access doors installations. Our expertise and collaboration with structural engineers allowed all parties to evaluate the structure and move forward with our customers’ project to bring over 14 restaurants under one roof. We are honored to be part of Plano and Richardson Texas’s growing restaurant demands.

Challenge / Problems

  • Thick concrete walls and roof
  • Structural Foundation found after demolition of the floor to install new plumbing for all the new kitchens and bathrooms
  • Job was put on hold until structural engineers could evaluate and provide solution to move forward with project


  • Worked with owners and structural engineers to ensure the best option for pouring the concrete leave outs at the plumbing ditches
  • Shifted scheduling to keep job progress while waiting on structural engineers design
  • Worked closely with trades to cut concrete deck safely for RTU and exhaust curbs
  • Completed 14 restaurant in what was once a Plano Texas AT&T Data Center