Van Brunt & Company

Construction Type:

  • Ground Up
  • New Construction
  • Retaining Wall
  • Land Development

About project:

Panda Express recently acquired a property located just a few minutes away from Downtown Dallas. The site is situated near the Walmart off Ledbetter, nestled within a cozy neighborhood. The project involved extensive redesign and construction, including the implementation of a substantial retaining wall. Throughout the process, the Van Brunt & Company commercial construction project team actively engaged with the City Council Women to address local concerns about the potential impact on traffic flow. Emphasizing our commitment to problem-solving, our leadership team collaborated with all involved parties to develop a solution that accommodated the community’s concerns.
The development of the Panda Express location off Ledbetter Rd necessitated significant excavation work to align the project with the proposed design. Subsequently, the construction team focused on constructing a large retaining wall along the rear portion of the property.

The new construction retaining wall involved the installation of over 45 drilled piers, reaching more than 10 feet above grade, to effectively support the earth. Despite having a well-crafted initial design, it became apparent that additional measures were needed to ensure the security and stability of the earth. This led to collaborative efforts involving engineers, subcontractors, and the Panda Express construction team to devise a plan for installing horizontal earth pins, further enhancing the overall safety and durability of the project.
What makes this ground up new restaurant build unique to our commercial construction team is the consistent collaboration and appreciation of all Subcontractors and Design Experts to bring this new restaurant to the community of Dallas.
Within minutes of this Panda Express off Ledbetter Road’s opening, the lines were wrapped around the building with happy and anticipated customers from the community. Thank you to City Council Women of Dallas for her collaboration and commitment to both this new construction project and the community. 

So if you’ve ever driven by 270 Oak Park Drive in Dallas and wonder, who built that restaurant from the ground up? Now you know, Van Brunt & Company. A family owned and operated company for over 20 years. Thank you for allowing us to service your community!

Challenge / Problems

  • Large retaining wall across the back of the property.
  • The original stabilization method for the retaining wall had a required redesign due to long lead times of materials
  • Large amount of excavation had to be performed to get the site to the proper elevations.  Proposed stabilization method of gunite was not available during construction due to the large residential pool demand.  
  • The project was near a neighborhood and we had to not only keep progress and job site safe but we also interfered with an existing path used by the neighborhood to get to adjacent businesses
  • The city’s inspection and permit division burned down during our project and they had limited digital options for providing services.


  • Retaining wall took a lot of coordination of multiple subs, the product turned out amazing.
  • We worked with engineers and other trade professionals to come up with an alternative solution.
  • We were able to devise a route that worked with local neighbors but also maintained safety for the job site.
  • We also met with the City Counsel Woman to hear the neighborhood’s concerns about the new traffic route that was created by the new store, we then were able to work with her and with Panda Express’s support find solutions everyone was pleased with.
  • Who built Panda Express off Ledbetter? Van Brunt & Company – Dallas’s Best Commercial General Contractor.