Van Brunt & Company

As a Commercial General Contractor here in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, our company was hired to build the Panda Express in Mesquite, Texas.
Mesquite Texas is well known for being the official Rodeo Capital of Texas Our Dallas based commercial construction team was thrilled to build the newest Panda Express just minutes from the Mesquite Rodeo. Due to our commitment to collaborate with our clients and problem solve along the way, we were awarded this bid for this new ground up restaurant layout for their construction portfolio. This new design for our client allowed their brand to explore a smaller restaurant building which adapts to the restaurant industry’s demanding changes. This design minimized the dining area allowing for a smaller property location close to the highway and a full-service Grubhub/UberEats/DoorDash food delivery pickup area.

Who built the Panda Express Mesquite? Van Brunt & Company – Commercial Restaurant Contractor.

Challenge / Problems

  • Constructing with our client to bring collaboration and design implementation for a first time build for their portfolio. 
  • We encountered design challenges and construction time constraints bringing the property together with the 7-Eleven next door. The development next door began construction prior to the original agreement changing grading and civil plans to bring the two properties together.
  • Gas service was roughly 200 feet from the property line. 
  • We had to connect a storm sewer line in across a TXDOT street
  • Securing the location from theft during the construction phase. 
  • This location, while ideal for the business of our client long-term, is a high crime area for construction. The delays in this project continued to expose our liability with the location being directly near an on/off ramp of a major highway. Commercial fencing, multiple cameras, relationships with neighboring construction companies, and onsite storage units were present from day one of the project.


  • Our team worked diligently with the neighboring developer, architect, and civil engineer to provide a solution for our client to bring the two properties together. 
  • With the gas main requiring an extension, we collaborated with the local Utility company to obtain a list of city approved contractors that has the qualifications to provide the gas main line extension services. The vetting process required contracting a 3-way agreement with Atmos, the Subcontractor and our client to move forward. 
  • Client relationship and strong communication kept this job moving forward as it presented several unique challenges not originally anticipated. 
  • Our team collaborated with the architects to bring in additional lighting in areas of shadow or low light coverage during the evening hours. This brought an extra layer of employee and customer safety to the premises. 
  • This is a very successful store for our client and since, we have contracted multiple more with this design layout.